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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hello again. it is now 6:00. it's raining on tv hill. when the rain stops, it seems to be alternating with fog, especially down near the water, as you can see. i can show you the rain. sharon can tell you where the fog s looks like it will be a wet day. it is mild. take a look at the day part, 5 right now. 56 at lunch.
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at dinner a late day high of 57 degrees. stick around until 4:00 this afternoon. take it away. >> here's sharon. the only delays we have are with light rail. from the north there's a 20-minute setback. we have this at the caton avenue off-ramp. it does in the seem to be causing problems. at the southwest, the beltway at 295, everything is problem way. 95 at caton avenue. everything is running smoothly. despite the rain, we have fog, as you can see. that's a look at the top side of the beltway at dulaney valley. there are new developments to talk about threg in the federal corruption probe stretching from prince george's county to a millionaire couple
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in howard company. it's connected to the arrest last week of prince george's county executive jack johnson. andrea fujii has the latest. >> reporter: as part of the public corruption investigation the fbi has uncovered several schemes involving police officers and even some drug deals. the federal investigation first snagged prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife, both accused of taking bribes. now nine others, including three police officers are indicted. one scheme involves a howard county couple who owns several liquor stores in the state. >> the defends agreed that they would pay authorities to assist in the transport and distribution of untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. >> reporter: corporal chong chin
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kim and officer richard delabrer are suspended without way. police want the melhis to give up their home. other charges are against sinisa simic and mira kujundzic. the police chief is outraged. >> these individuals are bad people that need to go away. it's going to impact us. >> reporter: county executive jack johnson was charged friday in sweetheartland deals. there was a taped conversation about a $100,000 check from a developer. tear it up, he says. >> i'm going to remain strong. i'm going to finish what i started. >> reporter: johnson is back at work this week, but he is wearing a court ordered monitoring device. back to you. >> the new federal indictment demands the forfeiture of homes,
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bank accounts plus catch. baltimore county fire a police officer for using the data bases. he looked up the tag of a person. nolan said his son was caught speaking to a suspected drug dealer, and it was that man who asked to look it up. five days after mayor stephanie rawlings-blake's husband's car was broken into police make an arrest in the car. anthony thomas is charged with theft after admitting to the break. the car was parked outthe -- outside the couple's home. imagine heading ot for a peaceful sunday drive, only to have someone shoot at you. it happened at the loch raven
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reservoir. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a quiet drive home from work. >> it was a noise day -- nice day. out of nowhere i got a pain on my right leg like somebody had punched me. i thought it was a bird that flown into the convertible. >> reporter: hector realized it was a gunshot. his car was one of five a trigger man randomly shot at near the warren road bridge and the loch raven reservoir. >> can you believe it? crazy. >> reporter: police say the beebee gun shootings took place sunday around 4 a.m. many windows were blown out. along with hector, a 25-year-old man was injured when glass blew
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into his eye. this elevated location gives the shooter two advantages. one, you can see the cars clearly and it's a good disguise. >> it's ridiculous, that somebody didn't get hurt, that somebody didn't crash their car when their window was shot out or me getting hit in the leg. >> reporter: police say beebee gins are legal but they have to be used under strict guidelines. the suspect could face a long list of charges of salt and damage. an unusual robbers a police on the hunt for an iguana, geckos and other exotic animals. someone also stole six turtles and a hissing cockroach. police are looking for any leads to lead them to who did it.
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groping passengers and virtual strip searches -- just two of the criticisms of today's airport security. kai jackson reports on the fine line between invading our privacy and keeping our skies safe. >> if you fly inmark handle other parts of the world, fear of terrorism have made devices like full body scanners a way of life but some question whether that should be the case. >> there's a real risk. machines are designed of taking detailed naked images. >> reporter: it she is detailed view of the body. anything that's not a part of you will show up. one person refused to go through it over the weekend. >> they told me to go through and i said i don't think so. those are literally the words. >> reporter: he posted a mobile phone video. a grass root movement called "we won't fly" is questioning
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whether the radiation is harmful. >> it's a part of safety. if i have this go through one, that's fine. if i don't get picked, that's fine. >> reporter: supporters of "we won't fly" are concerned about the possible safety implication. they're also challenging what they perceive to be an invasion of privacy. they're encouraging people not to fly on the dray before thanksgiving, the single busiest travel day of the year. >> i have not been through one. my concern would be one of privacy and how safe is receiving that amount of radiation. >> reporter: the american college of radiation said the amount of radiation from a full body scanner is less than you get from a mobile phone but the grass roots group is debating that data. 0% of those -- 80% of those surveyed said they're okay with
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the scanners. it was a record-setting performance for the philadelphia eagles on the road with the redskins. mike vic had six touchdowns, two on the ground plus four more from the air. it was a career best for him. the eagles scored 33 points in the first half. the eagles win 59-28. we learned of a blockbuster signing for donovan mcnabb. his five-year contract will net him $78 million. two weeks ago he was benched. as for the ravens, they're back on the road this sunday, facing the panthers in care line na. real quick and we'll move along. the airport scanning story. i fly all the time and i get scanned a lot.
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i think -- i don't think it's as base sec as there's marty, let's put him through the scanner. i'm sure if you have alerted a tsa person if you put your computer on a belt, they'll keep an eye on it. your back is to the conveyor belt. upcan't see -- you can't see the stuff going through. that's mi only gripe. i would rather face my stuff. so this is something to keep in mind. >> i've been frisked, you never been scanned. >> take a lock at radar -- look at radar. it will be a sloppy commute. take a look at this graphic. this is a zesty area of low pressure out to the west.
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indeed, it's going to bring some soaking rains to the other side of the mountains. this day we're just talking about generally gray skies, periods of rain on and off. the high of 57 degrees. a huge round of applause for all the folks to work at tsa. i couldn't do it. they're better than me. ronnie, what do you got going on? >> we're live at the inner harbor this morning. the salvation army's red kettle campaign is kicking off. how you can help as the morning the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent,
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and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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49 degrees, 96% humidity. you may be seeing fog, barometer has risen to 30.02. 45 in cumberland.
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51 in d.c. and pax river. 50 elkton. 55 degrees down in the ocean. westminster and bel air 47. still 50 rock hall, kent island and 51 in the district. thick moisture pressing up southwest to northeast, but, again, there's a sizable amount of rain down to our southwest, which will pass by to our west. we get periods of rain, steady heavy rain to the other side of the mountains. a warm front and a cool front. that's basically what we see over the next five days. 57. normal is 57. 517 tonight -- 57 tonight. it will be windy, gusts to 40 miles an hour with a high of 62 to 64. 56 thursday. here comes that front, reenforcing cold air. saturday and sunday both days in the mid-50s. >> thank you, the rainy rush
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from sharon. >> we knew with the rain we would start having problems. two accidents are in the city. the first one is at reisterstown at falls staff. meantime, you're looking at a disabled vehicle, 95 at the caton avenue off-ramp. there's a look at your speeds around the beltway as well as 95 seeing delays. there's a live look at the southwest side at 295. still running smoothly despite the rain. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota moving forward. marty and don, back to you. >> denise lasalle had a song out years ago called "ring my bell." i don't know how that's an introduction to this segment, but it came to mind.
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>> very well said. it is a cold rain this morning if you're headed out. we're live at harbor place, the kickoff of the red kettle campaign. it's an enduring tradition. major, good to see you again. >> it's great to be here. >> it starts today. >> at 10:00. you're not going to be outside today. folks will join with the salvation army as we start the kettle season. almost 6,000 children throughout the area are looking at the salvation army for help. so we're looking for the community to come out, adopt angels and make christmas a bright place for kids. >> you have the red kettles all over. >> kmart, walmart, genet grocery -- giant grocery stores. we're saying without clubs, they may see the kettle silent.
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so we need people to get enthused. >> we know baltimore will because it's a great community. we want to take our hat off to one of our colleagues, bernadette woods. join join has adopted a family for the angel tree program. >> you can go to the ditch locations. you can even go to our website and find all kinds of ways to get involved. >> the red kettle campaign starts today. they're hoping to raise $600,000 through the red kettle campaign. it starts today. thank you so much for joining use you have a great day and great holiday. bernadette, thank you for all you do for charity in the baltimore area. all right, guys. i believe it's that time.
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our second entrance in the mammoth manic monday meltdown. chapel hill elementary school. ♪ just another manic monday ♪ >> all right. sick days, six days until the mammoth manic monday meltdown. the votes are coming in like scraiz disi. -- crazy. we'll send it back to you on tv
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hill. >> here's the jc website. when you lit the home page the voting is right up at the top. go there and have a little fun. >> all right. coming up next, on our morning edition -- >> caught on tape, a man collapses at a metro stop and falls on the tracks. falls on the tracks. hear from the,,,,,,,,
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good morning. get ready to get a break from the rain that's been with us since 4:30. there's more on the way, though. we'll go for a high of 57. periods of rain through the day. the story of a man who leaped in front of an oncoming train to save the life of a stranger. adam may sits down with him and tells us what was going through his mind when he jumped onto the tracks. >> reporter: good morning. dimas pinzon said don't call him a hero. he prefers the term good samaritan. a man suffer as seizure and
6:24 am
falls on a d.c. track. retired u.s. marine dimas pinzon jumps into the path of danger and saves the man's life. what was going through your mind? >> the first thing was get him to safety. i jumped on to the tracks. >> reporter: pinzon said he had no idea when the next train would come through. >> was there ever a moment of hesitation? >> once i realized he was not responsive. i grabbed his arm and got his arms up on the platform and two gentlemen helped. >> mr. pin dispon knew what to -- pinzon knew what to do because his father in the 1950s worked for the metro system and taught hem -- him how they worked and the dangers. >> he would take me in the tunnels. he would tell me where to go, what to touch.
6:25 am
he pointed to the third rail. don't ever touch that. >> an important lesson. that third rail carries 750 volts of deadly electricity. >> did you learn anything about yourself? >> that i'm nuts. thought about would i do it again. i've been asked that question, would i do it again. you know of know what you're going to do until you do it. >> pinzon has not spoken to the man who rescued him but has told others he's very grateful. yet to come. spending takes center stage on capitol hill. will it be democrats or republicans who are willing to compromise. more corruption that goes well beyond the prince george's county executive. i'm andrea fujii. a live report just ahead.
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and a new look at facebook, the changes you'll see. more problems to report on the roads and the rails. we'll have a detailed report. let's send it over to you. cesar millan, the dog whisperer joins us. he's got a book out just in time for the holidays. how to train your dog before the dog trains you. they will get the upper paw and use it to their advantage. cesar millan at 6:45 as the dam,
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it is 6:29, some fog. otherwise, it's a pretty rainy day to start. sharon has some stuff going on. marty has first warning weather.
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>> we'll have fog and damp conditions. here's the radar. a sloppy commute. take a look at the day part. it's kind of mild this morning. the overnight low is 36. right now we're at about 5 degrees. 56 at lunch and dinner on a late day high of 57 degrees. temps remaining steady. don, take it away. >> here is sharon. >> we knew this was going to happen. at some point it has gotten busy because of the rain. first, a bunch of accidents. 32 westbound, possible lane closures there. second accident in phoenix at sunset lane, another one in at parkville and there's a crash westfield road at merit boulevard. another one in the city, three in fact, reisterstown at fall staff and windsor mill at weathersville road. a disabled vehicle vehicle still there, 95 southbound.
6:31 am
that's the caton avenue off-ramp. we have some delays on the beltway. 34 miles an hour as your average speed. 295 south of 175. a live look at the southwest side at 295 and the light rail warning. take a marc train 503. that trane has terminated. that's canceled because of some mechanical issues. they're transferring customers to other trains. back to you. it's being called a stunning change of heart on capitol hill. the top senate republican has made an abrupt turnaround on an issue near and dear to them. >> reporter: senator mitch mcconnell's long-time support for pork barrel ending has ended. >> as the leader of my party in
6:32 am
the senate, i have to lead first by example. >> reporter: mcconnell's change of attitude heads off a battle with gop conservatives. >> he has been under a lot of pressure, a lot of attacks from the right wing of his party and thought it's better to join them. >> reporter: a flurry of tea party back backed -- backed candidates rolled to victory, attacking pork barrel projects. they call it out of control spending. president obama welcomed mcconnell's new position but most democrats are not ready to ban earmarks. any vote on earmarks will likely come after the new congress takes office. for now the i'm duck congress has a more pressing issue, what this do about the expiring bush era tax cuts. republicans want to permanently extend them. president obama said the nation and its trillion dollar deficit can't afford it. the president wants to extend them only for individuals making
6:33 am
less than $200,000 a year. leaders have been meeting. one compromise is gaining traction, extending the cuts for a couple of years until the economy improves. in washington, reporting. >> if no compromise can be reached, millions of americans would see significant tax increases beginning in january. a house panel deliberating the 13 counts of misconduct lodged against new york congressman charles rangele who walked out of his ethics trial complaining the panel wouldn't allow him enough time to find another lawyer. >> my reputation, 50 years of public service, has to suffer because this committee has concluded that you must conclude this matter before this congress ends. >> if found guilty, rangel would face a house reprimand but would
6:34 am
remain in office. he was re-elected with 80% of the popular vote. dozens of homes, businesses and bank accounts, that's what the u.s. attorney calls the tip of the iceberg of a corruption probe in prince george's county. >> reporter: the investigations began at the top in prince george's county and it include as howard county couple. the federal investigation first snagged prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife, both accused of taking bribes. now nine others, including three police officers are also indicted. one scream involves a howard county cup couple who owns several liquor scores in the state. >> they would pay authorities to assist in the distribution of
6:35 am
untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. >> reporter: corporal chong chin kim and officer richard delabrer are suspended without pay. the feds want the liquor store owners coming up to give up their $2.3 million home. others include sinisa simic and mira kujundzic who was selling cocaine. the police chief is outraged. >> these individuals are bad people that need to go away. you're right. it's going to impact us. >> reporter: county executive jack johnson was charged try day in sweetheartland deals. a conversation was recorded about a $100,000 check from a developer. tear it up, he says. that's the only thing to do. >> i'm going to remain strong. i'm going to finish what i started. >> reporter: everyone in this
6:36 am
round of arrests will be held until a here ?ooght incoming county -- the incoming county executive did not talk about the corruption charges. a teenage musician collapses and is declared dead. cassy butler was a student who attended miller high school before attending peabody. thousands of students at three different local colleges are being told to chem their eyes and ears open, especially at night. several students were held up at knife point at loyola university. the students at loyola and elsewhere are being told to become more aware of their surroundings. >> we're increasing foot patrols in the area. baltimore city is also
6:37 am
increasing its patrols. we also have closed circuit tv cameras to keep a closer eye on it. >> police do not believe all the crimes are related. so far there have been no arrests. five inmates are stabbed at a dormitory at the metropolitan transition center. no officers were injured and none of the injuries is life-threatening. if you're planning to head north for the december holidays, there's now a cheaper option. megabus is expanding its service for the whitemarsh park and ride lot. the company is adding stops in buffalo, boston and toronto. the new wheels will roll on december 15th. facebook hopes the new feature will make email a thing of the past. mark discussionerburg --
6:38 am
zuckerburg unveiled it. a user can respond by clicking on a friend's name and it will be sent by the friend's preferred method. i have to check that out. some breaking tabloid news from overseas. prince william and his goirvetion kate middleton, are engaged. they are due to marry next spring or summer in london. the couple met eight years ago. william is second in line to the thrown. the ravens are looking to improve on their 6-3 record, which is second best in the entire nfl, but not good enough for coach john harbaugh. >> that's the thing. if we did better week to week -- we're a good football team. if we get better, we'll be a force to contend with. that's our job.
6:39 am
we have to improve. >> they are looking forward to the playoffs which is seven games left to go. ravens players came together to hold the all team auction party inside m&t bank stadium. they also raised money for local children. some of them included ray lewis, and half a dozen others. you can see them play this sunday at 1:00 live on wjz 13. >> 7:30 right here on wjz. there's the london sun. will and kate to marry next year. good luck to her. we know what that position in life did to his mom. >> yeah. >> good luck to her. i'm rooting for her. man alive.
6:40 am
>> it's been speculated for so long. it doesn't seem like big news, but it's official. >> you're not trying to make a big buck off of a paparazzi wedding. >> they want a small wedding, good luck. >> i'll pray for the girl. i really will. let's move along. it's going to be a damp day. we're seeing a break in the action. look at this traffic. we have a deep area of low pressure sitting out to the west. indeed, it's going to be spreading some steady rain on the other side of the mountain. in fact -- the fact of the matter is, we're going to see periods of rain with steady rain out to the west. if rain has not begun in your neighborhood, it will before not too long. a 57-degree high. this's 50 right now once the rain ends. how chilly is it going to be once the rain does pass by first
6:41 am
warning details coming up shortly. cesar millan is the dog whisperer. there he is right there. he has one of the top shows on clay bell and he's written a book, cesar's rules. by the way, he said dogs do love treadmills. you might want to stay with us. sharon gibala's got wjz tv traffic control. we're taking a break and coming right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the barometer is at 30.02. 48 hagerstown. low 50s d.c. and the pax river. 46 cumberland. 48 and 49 in westminster and bel air. 49 columbia. 50, d.c., annapolis and kent island and rock hall. this will be your afternoon and evening weather. a big warm front accompanies the low. the cool front comes in and then
6:45 am
a reinforcing shot of cooler air. there's no arctic blast. tonight rain tapers off. tomorrow 64. it is going to get windy at times. winds may be gusting to 40 miles an hour, caller at times. 56 on thursday. 52 friday. mid-50s. this is considered a pretty good five-day forecast a week out from thanksgiving. don, take it away. >> with the latest on the come miewrkts -- commute, sharon gibala. rain seems to be causing all the issues out there. first, a bunch of accidents. 32 westbound at 198, an accident, another one at phoenix. one at per ring parkway. three in the city reisterstown
6:46 am
road and falls staff. we also have the disabled vehicle 95 southbound at the caton avenue off-ramp and significant delays on the west side. 33 miles an hour is your average 795 to 95. that is the west side of the beltway. if you take the marc train are a looking at a 20-minute setback. then 503 and 402 canceled their transferring over to other tranes. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. back to you. all right. this morning's coffee is with a guy who says it may be man's best friend but you shouldn't be best friend to your dog because your dog is a dog.
6:47 am
he's pretty blunt. cesar millan. the interview is presented by random house. what a treat to have you here. >> appreciate it. >> first off, your web site is off the chart. it's got a ton of information. dog oners -- owners, your time would be well spent. cesar i have a quick question. a lot of folks are watching and getting ready to go to work. they'll leave their tv on for their dog. do the dogs give a darn? >> make sure it's on the dog whisperer. >> do they care? >> no. >> that simple? >> think about it. dogs in other countries don't
6:48 am
watch tv. they're fine. >> our dogs might get lonely. >> no they get frustrated. what we need do for our dogs is exercise them before we g the sound of tv is excitement for a dog. this as all it is. the dog is constantly hearing sound. it's not going to calm hem down. you want hem to calm down when you go to work. >> true. >> let's take this one step further. someone leaves early in the morning and there's no practical way to go fetch with the dog, so at that point it's not like you play with them. you just have to leave. what is the option there? >> a treadmill. a great investment we can do for our dogs, especially when you mention time constraints, is a
6:49 am
treadmill. getting ready. the dog is on the treadmill. the best gift you can give to a dog. >> train your dog. leash him up to a treadmill? >> yeah. remember astro from the jetson's? >> it was a cartoon. >> no, no. i put dogs on treadmills all the time. a lot of times people don't have the time. america is all about time. you put a dog on a treadmill. no one's using the treadmill in the first place, so why in the let the dog use it that is cool. let's talk about the book. what's new in there? >> this is a book about how to do. the other book is about me training the human. what i saw that people in america were not trained to fulfill the needs of the dog and everyone was blaming the dog. now people are more aware it's not the dog. okay. let's train the dog.
6:50 am
now we have people who are aware that their state of mind is very important. a lot of people want to train a dog when they feel lazy or frustrated. this will not work for the dog. the dog will not be attracted to instability. >> my dog works on a treat economy. >> you have to understand how to win them off. otherwise, they will not do it for you. you want them to do it for you because you buy food for them, so you want the same thing back. >> i understand what you're saying. no free ride, even for a dog. >> it's important for them. you want the relationship without having to pay anything. >> what is the one thing we were do right last dog owners? >> right? well, you do care for animals in america. you do want the best for your dogs, but many times the consistency the country shares for the dog is not for the dog.
6:51 am
your intentions are fantastic, just the emlycation is not shall implication is not great. >> a lot of people overfood their dogs. >> dogs in other countries are skinny without psychological problems. dogs in america are chunk you but with psychological problems. >> it's a great way of looking at what truly is your best friend. cesar, we got to roll. there's the bach that's -- book that's available. you can check out the website. this is one of the best pet websites on the panic. thanks. >> thank you, marty. thank you, don. >> always fascinating. we're going to go on a
6:52 am
treadmill. i'm going to try. >> i got a treadmill at home. i don't think i'll give it a try. >> we'll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
here are some updates from sharon and marty. we've had some rain but now getting a braifnlgt the forecast is calling for rain if you have not had any. 57 is the high. keep rain in the forecast through the overnight, 51. cleared out, mild but windy. now over to sharon gibala, wjz
6:55 am
tv traffic control. how's it going, sharon. hey, there, marty. lots of accidents. the latest is 32 westbound. watch for that at 175. delays possibly behind that. second crash at 100 and 607. the accident at 198. the wreck at sunset lane and another one at taylor avenue. one in dundalk. westfield. accident at reisterstown and falls staff. and another within on windsor -- one at windsor mill. caton avenue, that's on the off-ramp. taking a live look at the beltway, you can see the west side delays. 20-minute setback and then southbound on the penn line.
6:56 am
503 is canceled. 402 is canceled this morning. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. back over to you, don. a corruption probe in prince george's county is leading to more arrests. it comes after executive jack johnson and his wife were arrested. now others have been arrested. a teenage musician from harford county was in the middle of a priest lesson when she collapsed. 18-year-old casey butler was a student at peabody. the medical examiner will conduct an autopsy later today. five days after mayor stephanie rawlings-blake's husband's car was broken noorks anthony thomas is charged with theft after admitting to stealing the satellite raid yes system. stay with wjz, maryland's news
6:57 am
station. this morning's breaking news of a royal engage m prince william,
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